Portraits by Victoria Hager

Hello and welcome to my portrait website. I am a portrait artist, working in various media, including watercolour, coloured pencil, pastel and graphite pencil portrait commissions.

I work from photographs, as few people have the time, or inclination, to pose for hours (especially children and pets). Portraits make wonderfully personal gifts; or mementos of a deceased loved one or pet. Commission a portrait of a mother-to-be or new mum and newborn baby. A nude portrait makes a fantastic wedding present to either of the happy couple.

My time is divided between two countries, the United Kingdom and Singapore. I accept commissions worldwide - just so long as DHL/FedEx deliver! Please allow me as much time as possible for each portrait.

Past commissions have included wedding portraits, babies, children, families, nudes, dogs, cats, horses, a black leopard, a pair of tortoises and The Wayfarers Chapel.

Nude portraits are treated with the utmost respect and privacy. Examples are not available on the website, but some clients have given permission for a small example of their portrait, to be sent out anonymously on request.

Please have a look around my website and contact me if you would like to discuss any aspect of my work.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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